What to Expect and How You Can Best Prepare for your IB Maths Exam

IB Math is a challenging subject, and it becomes a little stressful when the exam dates are announced, and you have limited time to study. Whether you

IB (International Baccalaureate) Maths Exam

IB Math is a challenging subject, and it becomes a little stressful when the exam dates are announced, and you have limited time to study. Whether you are IB Maths HL or an SL student, your goal should be to score a 7 in your exams. Improving your grade is not an easy task, and if you are determined to achieve good marks, you need to work hard.

Prepare for your IB Maths Exam

Here are my tips and tricks for you to improve your IB Math

1. Start early and Plan well

Don't leave your studies to the last minute. The best way to approach your exams is to start early and not wait for last-minute cramming. The first step to starting early is to have proper time management. Set up your timetable to study. You can write that in your diary, put it on a poster, hang it on your wall, or set it up online.

Once you have the Exam roster, you can work backward and plan your studies accordingly.

2. Know what is covered in your Syllabus

Now comes the essential part. You need to break down or chop your subject into different sections. You should know your favorite topics or the ones you score high on or those you don't understand.

Check your syllabus, what is covered and what you need to study. Start by focusing on the most challenging topics, or you can start by going through the easy topics. Whatever strategy you decide, make sure you stick to it.

3. Manage your Time and Clear your basics

Once you have sorted your syllabus into topics and aligned your timetable accordingly, you should now plan how much time you will spend on each topic, again going with the strategy that the hardest and the most marks awarded topic gets the maximum time.

Good time management will help you to finish your work on time. Don't wait till the last minute and pile your work for the end. Good planning will help you keep your mind fresh and clear your concepts.

For IB Math, you need to practice for at least two hours every day till the exam day.

Do you want to score a 7 or upgrade your score? There is an easy way to do that. You need to have a solid foundation in your core subject, your basics need to be clear, and your concepts need to be clear.

4. Revision

Revise and Revise: This is the only way you are going to learn and clear your basics, once the basics are done, then you can focus on the higher-level questions.

Your homework is a great way to revise. Do it on time, and don't skip it. Homework will help you learn each topic in detail, thus increasing your basic understanding.

5. Past Papers

Your best friend for scoring higher marks. You should seriously solve past papers for IB Math. Try to do them in a simulated time-bound situation. This will help you in three ways. First, you will know the pattern of questions you will get in the exam, second, you will know your areas of strength and weakness, thus helping you tweak your preparation. Finally, it will help you know where you stand and how much more hard work and preparation are needed. Topic Wise Questions

6. Key Concepts

Revise key concepts and properly summarize each chapter. This will help you in two ways. First, you will know what is important in the chapter and how strong you are in that concept. Secondly, you can work on your strength and practice more question papers on that topic.

7. Understand How Marks are awarded

The good think about the IB curriculum is that you can get the Marking Scheme for exams. You need to study that very closely as it will tell you what kind of explanation is expected and how much marks you can secure.

If you have been practicing with past papers as discussed, you will know the marks scheme.

8. Train Your Brain

Yup! You heard it right. The brain is a muscle, and you need to do exercises to keep it sharp and fresh. Our brain and memories are too complex to understand, sometimes, at a crucial juncture, we forget the important thing we need to write or say, and funny enough, this happens most of the time in exams.

Play games indoor as well as outdoors to keep your mind healthy. Chess, and Sudoku are great games. You can listen to your favorite music or dance or do what helps you relieve stress.

9. Rest

Give yourself a well-deserved break. By resting and relaxing your mind and body. Schedule time out from your study schedule for resting. You can sleep extra or listen to your favorite music, meditate or dance.

Lastly, you should also take help from various resources offline and online. You can go to the library and read your favorite Physics books, Ask teachers to provide you with past papers, go online and look at IB Math helps sites like tribe topper, and ask other students questions on different online forums.

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