Best Tips To Learn Ray Optics (Physics Complicated Topic)

Ray Optics can be considered as one of the chapters where it requires more understanding and less hard work. It may sound a bit bizarre but it is true

Ray Optics

Are Ray and Geometric Optics interesting topics? Yes, they are true. Not in school but it also helps when you would be giving specific exams later on too. Therefore, this topic must not be ignored at all. If you understand this well, you will be less worried about your exam.

Ray and Geometric Optics

Experts say that this topic can easily be cracked if enough practice has been done. You need to be focused while studying.

Best Tips To Learn Ray Optics

Ray Optics can be considered as one of the chapters where it requires more understanding and less hard work. It may sound a bit bizarre but it is true. If you get your topics, then less time will be required to revise.

In this section, we are going to help you to understand how you can learn a complicated subject called Ray Optics in an excellent manner. Let’s understand -

  1. You must put effort into finding a basic understanding of the sign convention. You should not get confused regarding the sign convention. Do you know that most problems get tricky only if you are not able to understand the sign convention? Therefore you need to work on this factor first.

  2. To get a good score, you should make a habit of visualizing the issue. When you do this in your mind, it gives much-needed clarity. It helps to understand optics too. When an image draws in your mind, it becomes easy to emphasize the minute details which probably are missing out while going only with formulae.

  3. Do not forget to practice with the previous and old papers. It would not be helpful to increase your speed but you will also be enjoying solving the Ray Optics questions. It will also help you to find an ideal idea regarding the kind of questions. You must waste your energy on thinking only about the problems involving many steps. Most questions can easily be solved within a few steps indeed.

  4. Toppers say that you should work on your strength going with NCERT material. H.C. Verma could also be quite helpful. When you solve the questions, it will boost your confidence. You will get motivated to go with the next higher concepts as well as advance problems. You may also consider Pradeep Ksheterpal videos to get much clarity on this topic.

  5. Always go with examples since they make it easy for you to understand in a better way. You would be able to solve almost 70% of problems once you start understanding examples. Your doubts will get cleared and you will find yourself capable of solving advanced-level questions. For example, most students get confused about Interference in physics. To put it in simple words, a combination of 2 or more waves going towards a specific point but intersecting paths. When you understand this with an example, you will develop a better understanding of this.

  6. If your basics are clear and you want to solve more complicated issues then you should go with D.C. Pandey. You should not doubt yourself while solving these questions. Keep your confidence up. It could be a bit tricky in the starting but later on, it will get easier with practice. Doing more practice will make it easy for you. If you want to develop more understanding of conceptual problems, you may prefer the MTG Physics series. A thorough revision of the topic will make you understand things in a better way.

It could be said that Ray Optics can help you to get higher marks. If you study properly, you may grab higher marks. You should not skip it otherwise it may start scaring you. Try solving simple questions in the starting then go for complicated ones. Go with better sites where these terms have been explained thoroughly.


Follow these above-mentioned tips to do better in this subject. With constant practice, this subject will get easier for you. You may also use this website (M-Physics Tutorial) for your preparation of Ray Optics.

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