Class 12 Physics Important Questions with Answers

Physics is an important subject within the union of science subjects and equally difficult. The importance of physics as a subject during a student's academic career cannot be underestimated. Having strong fundamentals in physics is important and absolutely essential for any student who wishes to make a career in engineering, be it mechanical, electrical or computer. Physics as a subject is very subjective and students are demanded to write accurate answers to the questions asked to them.

Important Questions for Class 12 Physics Chapter Wise With Solutions

On this page we have put together a collection of Physics questions and solutions to help you understand Physics better. These questions are designed to challenge and inspire you to think deeply about physics. Apart from being challenging, these questions are also fun and interesting. This page is a good resource for students who want to practice good quality problems while studying for tests and exams.

  1. Chapter 1 - Electric Charges and Fields Class 12 Physics

  2. Chapter 2 - Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance Class 12 Physics

  3. Chapter 3 - Current Electricity Class 12 Physics

  4. Chapter 4 - Moving Charges and Magnetism Class 12 Physics

  5. Chapter 5 - Magnetism and Matter Class 12 Physics

  6. Chapter 6 - Electromagnetic Induction Class 12 Physics

  7. Chapter 7 - Alternating Current Class 12 Physics

  8. Chapter 8 - Electromagnetic Waves Class 12 Physics

  9. Chapter 9 - Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Class 12 Physics

  10. Chapter 10 - Wave Optics Class 12 Physics

  11. Chapter 11 - Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Class 12 Physics

  12. Chapter 12 - Atoms Class 12 Physics

  13. Chapter 13 - Nuclei Class 12 Physics

  14. Chapter 14 - Semiconductor Electronics Materials Devices and Simple Circuits Class 12 Physics

  15. Chapter 15 Communication Systems Class 12 Physics

Listed above were some important questions for class 12 physics which are most likely to be asked in the upcoming board exams. While studying for the board exams, students can plan accordingly, prioritizing the above topics.