Best Books for M.Sc. Physics, NET Physics

Reference Books for CSIR-UGC-NET/GATE Physics. Mathematical Physics– H.K. Dass. Classical Mechanics – J.C. Upadhyaya. Quantum Mechanics Concepts & App

Reference Books for CSIR-UGC-NET/GATE Physics

Hello everyone, welcome in my web portal "M-Physics Tutorial". Here, many books of physics that are related to exam of M.Sc. Physics and NET (Physical Science), are given with their writer's name. You need to read carefully book's and writer's name for downloading.

ebooks for M.Sc. Physics

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1. Mathematical Method of Physics

  1. Advanced Engineering Mathematics– Erwin Kreyszig
  2. Mathematical Physics– H.K. Dass
  3. Complex Variables: Schaum Series– Murray R. Spiegel

2. Classical Mechanics

  1. Classical Mechanics– J.C. Upadhyaya
  2. Classical Mechanics– Herbert Goldstein
  3. An Introduction to Mechanics– Kleppner & Kolenkow

3. Electromagnetic Theory

  1. Introduction to Electrodynamics- David J. Griffiths
  2. Classical Electrodynamics- J. D. Jackson
  3. Electricity & Magnetism- B. Ghosh

4. Quantum Mechanics

  1. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics– David J.Griffiths
  2. Advanced Quantum Mechanics– Satya Prakash
  3. Quantum Physics– H.C. Verma

5. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

  1. Statistical and Thermal Physics– S. Loknathan & Gambhir
  2. Statistical Mechanics– R. K. Patharia
  3. Fundamentals of Statistical & Thermal Physics– F. Rief

6. Electronics & Experimental Methods

  1. Digital Electronics- Malvino & Leach
  2. Electronic Devices & Circuit Theory– Boylestad & Nashelsky
  3. Electronic Devices & Circuits– Jacob Millman & Christos C. Halkias
  4. Electronic Communication system- George Kennedy

language: EN-IN;">7. Atomic & Molecular Physics

  1. Introduction to Atomic Spectra– Harvey Elliott White
  2. Atomic and Molecular Physics– Raj Kumar
  3. Fundamental of Molecular Spectroscopy– Colin N. Banwell & Elaine M. McCash

8. Condensed Matter Physics

  1. Solid State Physics- N. W. Aschcroft & Mermin
  2. Introduction to Solid State Physics- Charles Kittel
  3. Solid State Physics- A.J. Dekker
  4. Solid State Physics- R.K. Puri & Babber

9. Nuclear and Particle Physics

  1. Introductory Nuclear Physics–Kenneth S. Krane
  2. Introduction to Elementary Particles– David J. Griffiths
  3. Particle Physics– C. L. Arora

10. Other important Books for M.Sc.

  1. Introduction to Plasma Physics- F. Chen
  2. Fundamentals of Plasma Physics- J.A. Bittencourt
  3. Theory of Relativity- A. Einstein
  4. Principle of Electronics- V. K. Mehta
  5. Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics- V. K. Mittal
  6. Digital Logic and Computer Design- M. Morris Mano
  7. Principles of Electronic Communication Systems- Louis E. Frenzel
  8. Concepts of Modern Physics- Arthur Beiser

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