How AI Technology Makes Content Writers More Productive

AI technology has come very far. Nowadays we use artificial intelligence in many aspects of our life without even thinking about it.

AI technology has come very far. Nowadays we use artificial intelligence in many aspects of our life without even thinking about it.

How AI Technology Makes Content Writers

A lot of the devices and software we use employ AI in some shape or form. Our phones have AI assistants, our search engines use AI to determine what sort of results we are looking for, and huge conglomerates use AI to process vast amounts of data.

In such an AI-dominated world, it is only natural that writers get their fair share too. So, in this article, we are going to discuss how AI tools can help content writers to become more productive.

1. Combat Writer’s Block

The most common ailment faced by most writers is called writer’s block. It is a condition in which the writer is unable to come up with ideas that they feel are good enough to write on.

This condition typically arises as a result of lack of rest, poor diet, and any other activity that leads to poor health in general. It can be effectively combatted by resting and having a healthy lifestyle.

However, sometimes, the block is upon the writer, and they need to get rid of it very soon. In, this case an AI idea-generating tool can work wonders.

In a typical tool, the user has to provide a seed word, and in response, the AI tool generates a bunch of ideas.

Some great tools for generating blog ideas are Ubersuggest and Portent.

How AI Technology Makes Content Writers
How AI Technology Makes Content Writers

As you can see, the tools have created new ideas for the blog using a single seed word. So, you can use these tools to avoid writer’s block when you are not in a good enough state to create your own.

2. Help to Make Your Content Readable in Less Time

Content readability is one of the most important factors that any content writer has to watch out for. Basically, content writing is catered to normal people who are not expected to be highly educated.

So, high readability, or in other words low reading difficulty is a must-have. But as we all know; most writers do not care about maintaining good readability while writing. They focus on getting their words out first, and the matter of readability is dealt with afterward.

Once a writer has written their first draft, they sit down and proofread it. Normally, any readability issues are identified in this stage. Here’s where the troublesome part starts. Editing the work to make it more readable is a time-consuming task as it requires a lot of thinking and writing.

Productivity in this stage can be boosted with the help of AI-paraphrasing tools that can automatically improve readability.

Thereby saving time and effort. AI paraphrasers have a good understanding of what counts as good readability because it can be measured. Some good tools that you can use for this purpose are and Wordtune.

Here's what that looks like in action, for our example we have used some content from our own blog post.

How AI Technology Makes Content Writers
How AI Technology Makes Content Writers

As you can see in the images, the tools provided very good alternatives to the original text. So, by using tools such as these, you can improve the readability of your work during editing in seconds.

3. Help You Keep Your Content Relevant to the Point

Another issue that writers face with respect to productivity is also related to editing. Remember how we told you that writers tend to get their thoughts out first and then polish the content later?

Well, that can lead to rambling thoughts intruding into the writing process. This can result in the writer going off on a tangent i.e., going off-topic. So, dealing with that in editing is very bothersome. But with the help of AI tools, that task can be fully automated reliably.

With AI summarizing tools such as, or the Summarizer by Paperdigest writers can quickly deal with such problems. All they need to do is to input their content and let the tools do the rest.

Here’s what that looks like.

How AI Technology Makes Content Writers
How AI Technology Makes Content Writers

The great thing about AI paraphrasers is that they are capable of recognizing the main point of the passage.

They use that information to pick out the best sentences that encapsulate the main point and use them to create a summary.

This helps writers save time and effort during editing. Therefore, enabling them to expend that energy on more important matters.

4. Enables Writers to Write More in Less Time

Normally, writing should focus on quality rather than quantity at all times. However, when someone is just starting out a new blog, they need a lot of content to populate it. At that stage, it is more important to generate articles quickly.

Of course, since quality cannot be compromised too much, writers can utilize AI tools such as Rytr and Scalenut to create content for themselves. Obviously, the content made by AI is not good enough, but with some additions, and editing, the content can be used well.

Here is an image of Rytr and Scalenut producing content from scratch from just keywords.

How AI Technology Makes Content Writers
How AI Technology Makes Content Writers

With tools like these, content writers can save a lot of time. They can get them to create the meat of the content and then embellish it to give it the human touch.

The biggest problem with AI-generated content is that it does not provide any sources or links for its claims. The writer can verify those claims and provide the sources to make the content authentic and valuable.


These were a few ways in which content writers can utilize different kinds of AI tools to become more productive. There are many ways to be more productive and get more work done.

In this article, we saw that AI tools like paraphrasers, summarizers, idea generators, and content generators can help with various aspects of content writing. You can use these tools for generating ideas, keeping the content readable and concise, as well as generate content from scratch.

Hopefully, you have learned something new from this article, and it helps in your writing endeavors.

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